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   When you enter a room, do you feel it's shape? Does it envelope you as a warm embrace, or open to your senses as a vast, cold and empty space? Can an object speak to your senses? Enliven them; as if to awaken some hidden desire; a fire that cannot be quenched? These are the questions and thoughts that spark and consume me and my point of interest. 


   As a painter in various mediums from acrylic to mixed media, my primal drive is to explore form and shape and it's representation through value and color as I push the boundaries within myself and my surroundings. In achieving this, I often quiet my mind and 'let go'. Feeling free to work from a place of spontaneity and allowing the painting process to take place from an organic experience without force. This results in an original work of art manifested with a life and energy of it's own.

   Who knew I could paint or create art? I didn't! In fact, art was the ONLY class I failed in school. It is one of those things you sort of stumble into. You look back on it one day and ask yourself, "how did I get here?" I won't get into all of that here. God blesses all of us with talents. Its important that we learn what those are and use them to not only personally flourish, but to give back to the world around us. My goal these days is to do just that.

   After painting for about three months, I booked my first art exhibition at the Emporium Gallery in downtown Knoxville, TN. One of  the things I have enjoyed most about branching out into the art community has to be the relationships/friendships I continue to form with others who also share a passion for art. As an artist, I find my interests typically lie in abstracts, landscapes, geometric shapes and color cohesion and contrast. Much of my inspiration comes from my day to day life, as well as my environment, my past and most importantly, my emotions. Many artists have their own sense of style, a signature look if you will, yet being so new to art, I'm still working to develop mine. As a result, my style of artwork varies considerably, however I don't see this as a weakness. In fact, I think it's great, as it allows my works to appeal to a broader audience. I look forward to continuing to work with various mediums and develop my own unique style, but until then, I'll continue to play and have fun learning as I evolve.

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